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Default Re: Can't Smoke Indoors

Originally Posted by faeriekitsune View Post
Yeah, we got two feet of snow this weekend and everybody's freaking out. Classes were cancelled Monday and Tuesday morning. I would have gone out to hookah, but I didn't really feel like freezing my ass off in the 20mph and breaking my vase when I slip on the ice.

Hooray for weekends at the bf's! He makes me bring my hookah with me and we sit in the living room, smoking and watching movies.

Mattathayde, you're right, we have the anti-smoke nazis. It's gotten worse since some townies have been destroying one of the huts, and the admins blamed it on us. Btw, I heard Sahara's was under new management and that they're ripping people off. Really? We used to drive into Richmond just to go there. (Never did really like Aladdin's...)

But home isn't really an option either. I have my very own anti-smoke nazi. I call her "Mom".
You got that snow too? We made a snow fort and smoke in that, we all felt little kids again. Really a fun experience to smoke in a janky looking igloo.
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