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Default Re: Nahkla Put Me In The Hospital...

So, it seems that in retrospect Nhakla wasn't the issue at all. Actually, none of the tobacco was the problem. The problem was smoking for hours on end using crappy QLs. My guess is that if you smoked an hour or so with pretty much any tobacco known to man you'd have had no problem if you smoked slowly and shallowly pausing between drags. My experience with QLs when properly lighted and smoking in a proper way is that the taste of the smoke is degraded but i've never gotten sick.

Honestly, i'd guess that if I smoked 3+ bowls a day i'd feel sick as well.

Bottom line is that narghiles are a pleasant diversion and aren't meant to be in continuous use through out out the day. Of course using good coals helps so I think a few lessons are to found here.
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