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Default Re: For All Nakhla Haters.....

Originally Posted by ThEDrEaMEnDeR View Post
i love nakhla i get great smoke great flavor a long session and as long as i don't chain it no buzz nakhla is by far the best shisha on the market and here is why
1. its not dyed
2. it has a perfect cut
3. its not to heat sensetive
4. its 100% consestiant
5.dosent gunk your hookah up
6. always has great flavor
7. has alot and i mean alot of flavors
8. delivers great smoke
9.if you get a buzz from it its not a bad buzz
10. last but not least its cheap really cheap
One of the haters is sure to point out that Double Apple, Mizo Apple, and Jasmine are dyed. Of course ignoring the other 47 flavors that are not dyed.
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