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Default Shisha + Coail Order

What do you think of my order? ordered from smoking hookah. will i like any of the stuff?
1Soex 200gr Mix10.50 $1 items0.20 kg
2Soex Herbal 50gr Box Apple0.00 $1 items50 g
3Soex Herbal 50gr Box Blueberry0.00 $1 items50 g
4Soex Herbal 50gr Box Mango0.00 $1 items50 g
5Soex Herbal 50gr Box Peach0.00 $1 items50 g
6Poker Charcoal - 50 Pcs7.95 $1 items0.38 kg
7Mini Clay Bowl - Green3.75 $1 items0.01 kg
8The Abed Elkader Shisha Package21.60 $1 items0.48 kg
9Shisha Abed Elkader 160gr Box Passion Fruit0.00 $1 items160 g
10Shisha Abed Elkader 160gr Box Pineapple0.00 $1 items160 g
11Shisha Abed Elkader 160gr Box Strawberry0.00 $1 items160 g
12Al-Fakher 250gr Box Double Apple17.50 $1 items250 g
13Hookah Foil (100 pcs)4.50 $1 items0.10 kg
14The Foil Screen Pincher3.95 $1 items0.12 kg
15Al Waha Charcoal & Coal Holder 14.50 $1 items0.95 kg
16Hut - Natural Charcoal 1kg12.95 $1 items1.27 kg
17Wind-Cover Bowl Protector11.50 $1 items0.39 kg

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