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Default Re: Nahkla sweet melon 50g for 20$!!!!

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
Guys, the prices that u pay in the US & Canada are unbelievably high. I mean even with the taxes and shipping, it shouldn't be that high. It is like 1000% more than the Middel East. At the same time, you can buy other products such as food and tea and u pay the same price that u pay in the Middel East. Somthing is wrong and I blame hookah vendors for that.
the middle east manuf. know that our demand is high here... i know mark up is high... but i blame taxes as well. Excise tax in ohio is 17% so i get a product for say.. I get 10 items for 100 bucks... then i have to add on $17 bucks to make up the tax... so its 117. 117/10= 11.70... now I have to add a markup and include shipping. so your looking at 14-18 bucks depending on the product.
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