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Default Re: Shisha + Coail Order

Originally Posted by HuMMuS View Post
thats true... im just happy with the little squares. its only cuz i ride my bike and riding around with a role of foil is to much. a little pack of pre cut to size works ok. i have foil at home but this is for bike and bike only. have to keep the weight down.
ya its my first time with the soex. its really not for me.. its for people that dont smoke but want to try it without nicotine. so i got a sample pack of a few. ill try it but im sure i wont like it.
how do the prices compare to other places?
Why don;t you just pre-cut the foil you already have?

You should have ordered from a different vendor in my opinion. And also buy some Starbuzz or fantasia and just tell people it has no nicotine, they won't feel it anyway.

If you don;t live in the states your order makes sense.. but if you did, ouch.
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