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Default Re: MYA shisha not pumping

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
LMAO *smack in the back of the head...... shit happens but damn lmao
Shit does happen LOL! Just smoked it now and all was good So happy now as I can actually chill out with my shisha back home

Originally Posted by Siken
Also choose the right water level in the bowl (damn it...i think you use bowl for that what we call in germany "kopf" "head" :/ ...maybe base?).
If the immersion tube is to deep in water you have to breath very hard.
hope you enjoy my funny post and you understand it mostly
I think I understood it, but for me Bowl= Head and the vase is just that, the glass vase filled with cold water.

I'm from London.

What a great community you guys have here, sure I'm going to be spending more time here, shame though in England the two main flavours are AF and Nakla, would love to be in the states with your huge variety AND cheap prices. I'm paying a good 40-45 for a kilo of AF...Nakla is a good 9 for 250g Its all worth it though
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