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Default Recommended Shishsa flavor!!! :}

Hey guys whats up yesterday i decided to buy a new flavor for my hookah (Mr.Gutter) lol, and usually i buy starbuzz becuase their a top quality brand for shisha and i never have been dissapointed by any of their flavors becuase their amazingly delicious and smoke quality is top notch. But what caught my eye yesterday at the hookah shop was a mid-sized golden can and i realized that its a shisha brand that i never heard or seen before and its called GOLDEN LAYALINA and it really did catch my eye. So the manager takes out a couple flavors that he has and the two best ones that he had at the time were sweet melon or exotic paradise and they both smelled like heaven i never had smelled such a good flavor ever in my time.So it was hard to debate between either sweet melon or exotic paradise but the manager recommended exotic paradise so i purcahsed it but beofre i left the manger told me more good things about the brand and flavor on how he has never smoked any shisha that burns so slowly,tastes amazing, and is top quality. So 5 min later i set up my hookah pack the flavor i lite up one (king size quick burns coal) and omg it started automatically the flavor taste was breath taking it lasted a good hour with two coals tops i didnt get any harsh smoke,i guess the manager at the hookah shop was right about everything he said. i highly highly recommend GOLDEN LAYALINA because it beats starbuzz or anythign out their form my experience and if you do buy it get Exotic paradise you literally will be in paradise..
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