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Default Re: Your thoughts on Nahkla

Ok I'll admit I'm a little biased here. I love Nakhla and I think their shisha is the best value (quality/price ratio) on the market. Now, do they make perfect shisha? Hell no.

They've got a lot of stems, heat management can be difficult and sometimes I do wish it was a washed shisha (how heretic of me!). I don't particularily enjoy nicotine buzzes because they tend to make me sleepy more than anything else. That or they give me a splitting headache.

Still I love Nakhla for their authenticity. Natural flavors, no dyes (some exceptions) and consistency. It doesn't stop me from enjoying "premium" shishas like SB. I think that's part of the beauty of the hookah world: there's as much variety as there are shisha smokers. It would be boring if everyone enjoyed the same things.
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