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Default Re: Skyzz and Maryland Shisha

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
If Iranians own a grocery, wouldn't that in fact make it an Iranian(Persian at least) grocery? As opposed to ''arab''? (I'm splitting hairs. Because I'm kind of a jerk!)
But seriously, there's nothing better than walking into a store you know nothing about only to find that they have shelves of sexy goodness for sale. Congrats! And definitely let the community know what you think of Skyzz. I hear it's just another SB knock-off.
Originally Posted by Buddhizzle View Post
Well, I think the owners were Iranian but many of the products were from other parts of the middle east, it looked like. So, I use Arab in that sense - the stuff there was from a few different places.

And yeah, I've heard the same of Skyzz....i'll probably pick up some peach or DA to see if its any good. I'll let you know!

At the risk of sounding pedantic, yes ..... Iranians aren't Arab. Iranians are Persians ..... This common mix-up is pretty much close to considering Texans Mexicans .....
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