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Default Re: Very pretty, but do they work?

I've had a few ((the first 2 broke after 1 or two bowls because something would bump into them lightly and smash it to bits. the 3rd lasted a few more bowls... but after a tragic accident, it was smashed to bits as well))
1. not very durable
2. get REALLY hot... REALLY quick. heat management is quite difficult with these. and don't think about trying to take them off right after a session. Granted, clay bowls get hot, but it's a bearable heat... the glass bowl is just ridiculously hot.

I've seen a guy use one (with a glass top instead of foil) and he used it very well. smoked great and use very minimal coals... I guess he just got used to the heat management for his own equipment.

Like others have said, i'd recommend sticking with the egyptian clay... but if it's really buggin ya, pick one up. only 9 bucks.
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