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Default Re: shisha burning too fast

shiny side up/down dosent matter, the heat is not being given from the light coming off it is from the air being heated and radiation, renyolds says for cooking it doesnt matter for this it shouldnt matter either. i put shiny side down out of habit but i see no real reason it would make a real difference

1-2 MM is less space that i put usually, i will put probably 2-4 MM (usually on the less side of that unless its a more touchy tobacco). i have gotten the foil to turn white and give a bad taste but i dont really know why/how any more than it seemed like when there were fresh coals put on a bowl after a previous round of coals. put the coals on the edge of the bowl more and that may help that part a bit. but if your getting stuck tobacco on the foil it is packed to hight or the foil is to lose.

i use 2 layers of normal foil, 3 coconut style coals usually

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