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Default So i gave Rosetta another chance...

My local shop carries Layalina and Rosetta tobacco. At first i tried Rosetta Blueberry, and it was absolutely horrible. But then i saw a few posts on here where people said a few of their flavors were nice, which i found kind of hard to believe since i disliked the blueberry so much. I was at my local shop the other day and decided to give Rosetta another whirl, so I got a 50g of strawberry, and a 50g of cherry. The strawberry was bad just like the blueberry, very chemically. But the cherry smelled just like pull-n-peel twizzlers, and surprisingly it wasn't that bad! The flavor was nice, it tasted just like twizzlers, although the smoke gave me that tickly feeling in the back of my throat. But i just took small puffs and it's actually pretty enjoyable. So thanks HP, for convincing me to give this stuff another try and actually finding a decent flavor out of it.
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