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Default Re: Common Chamber vs 2-port vs 4-port

Here is the differences.

Common Chambers

Mya - The Mya common chamber is a large hollow heart. The downstem connects directly to the center stem right through the middle of this heart, and the downstems found in some Myas are wider than average. This allows a larger amount of smoke to come down through the stem, into the water, and into the Heart. The draw seems very effortless because there is practically no air friction. The smoke is just pulled straight into the hose from a large open Heart, and large amounts of smoke continue to accumulate. You draw faster with this style of chamber than with any other style, so your pulls are shorter in order for you to be filled with smoke, and this leads to a lck of the taste of the smoke. The smoke runs across your tongue much faster than with another heart-style, so your taste buds don't absorb as many taste molecules.

JandR Syrian (4 hole) - JandR Syrians are common chamber hookahs. They are different from Myas because there is a plate at the mouth of the heart. This plate is where the downstem screws on. There are four holes drilled into this plate in order for the smoker to receive the maximum amount of smoke. With this plate in place, your draw will be noticeably harder than with a Mya or Egyptian. This tighter draw, however, causes the smoke to be pulled slower, therefore leading to a much better taste, because the taste-buds have more time to absorb more flavor molecules. You get the same amount of smoke as a Mya or Egyptian, only at a slower speed.

Knockoff Common Chamber (2-3 Holes) - This chamber, found mostly in knock-off hookahs and cheap hookahs, is basically the same design as the JandR Chamber, but has a lesser number of holes, a smaller heart, and the holes are smaller. This actually affects your smoke, because you pull in a large amount of air with your smoke and you also don't get very much smoke.

Traditional 2 tube/hole Style

Traditional 2 tubed/hole Heart - These are commonly found in most Egyptians. The heart contains 2 tubes, each with openings in the bottom (in the vase) part of the heart, and on the outside of the heart. The tubes are for 2 things; the hose port, and the purge valve. One tube has an opening in heart that draws the smoke from the Vase and leads to the Hose Port. The other has an opening in the heart, but leads to the purge valve. The tube hole leading to the hose port has a noticeably larger hole than the purge valve. Drawing smoke is Effortless; purging is as well. This style of Heart is different from a common chamber because the smoke does not enter the large open space of the heart.

Basically, Traditional Hearts are easy to clean by just using pipe cleaners. Mya Chambers are more difficult, but by using a bendable brush they can be scrubbed. JandR Syrian Hearts are very hard to clean, and it's pretty impossible to get a brush in every nook and cranny. By Soaking the heart, though, you can eat away all the grime without much effort on your part.

Smoke Quality is mainly based on Heat Control. Taste, is what is based on the hookah itself.
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