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Default Re: What is wrong with Razan hose !!

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
I think I am really good when it comes to heat management. I am sure there is a difference between leather hoses and plastic hoses.
well, if you were good with heat management, it wouldnt burn regardless of the hose. Quite honestly, the only thing the hose can change is taste (if its new, or has ghosted flavors), pull or ease of pull (which you can adjust yourself by sucking harder). I mean, technically, you dont even need a hose to smoke hookah, just put your mouth over the hose port. If you tried that then it would eliminate the factor of the hose burning the shisha. The only logical thing i can think of is that you were pulling too hard and this shisha burned. After it burned, you removed the hose, not only allowing the coals to rest for a min and cool down, but the shisha and bowl cooled down ever so slightly too. This could be the only thing that the hose could change.
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