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Default Shisha Rating Scale?

Hey guys, I was cruising the tobacco review section and I became curious about everyone's individual rating scale. This came to me because I saw some people give a shisha a 5 out of 10 and they said they would buy it again. I have also seen other people give higher scores but say that they would not bother to smoke it again. Anyway, I have only rated one tobacco so far and this is the scale that I use. I'm curious to hear from you all what a shisha has to score for you to buy it again, give it away, or throw it away because you would be to embarassed to give it to an unsuspecting friend. I know everyone is looking for different things like buzz or no buzz, strength and duration of flavor, and a bunch more. What do you guys think?

1. Beyond Horrible - I'm going to go throw up.

2. Horrible - Straight to the trash can.

3. Really bad - Give it away.

4. Bad - I will keep it and let my friends smoke it (if they want to when they come over).

5. Ehh, not bad but not good, I will finish it I guess...

6. OK flavor, but I really wouldn't worry about buying it again. I will finish it.

7. Good, I can see myself buying this in the future.

8. Really good - definitely would buy this again.

9. Absolutely Great - Love this flavor, I will try to have this on hand all the time.

10. God among Shisha - I will never be w/o this flavor.
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