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Default Re: Good Quality Hookahs?

Please note that KMs are hand-made. So the weld jobs and stem work is very noticeable.
All KM smoke the same. There may be a small difference from hookah to hookah, but its more about how the hookah is setup. This means your going to want to buy the hookah that YOU like best.
As for the hose and bowl, I personally use a razan and a km/phunnel bowl. The razan is very nice, I'm told it can start to leak over-time, but I have not experienced that. I hear great things about the vortex bowl, honestly I smoke nakhla so keeping the juices in isn't a priority. The standard KM bowl works great.
And last, I stand behind **********.com. He is a great person to buy from, his coals are top notch along with his customer service.
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