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Default Re: Smoking in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast

Thanks for the comments all. I've always enjoyed seeing how people live and think and since I am huge fan of tobacco culture I make a big effort to see that aspect of where ever I visit.

As to my three jobs, well they are not too interesting to most people. I have three different employers and the one that has me travel the most is peddling food, drink and sanitation facilities. We handle basically everything from market forecasting and plant design/construction/financing and process control to daily management and product development and distribution. Basically, when my boss determines that that particular client is a good bet he sends someone like me to try and close the deal.

My language skills are pretty lousy and my limited grasp languages that I once knew from my earlier life in Rhodesia and SWA are heading towards non-existence. As a result, I always end up having an interpreter although often times I end up dealing with people that have a great knowledge of English.

Oh, I forgot to mention that most of the tobacco used in the stuff smoked came from the Caucasus by republic of Adygea which is famous for it's tobacco and grain. I've spent a lot of time on business out in the Caucasus region but i've not looked into the tobacco culture when I was there as the time is always lacking.
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