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Default Re: Good Quality Hookahs?

the irony is killing me.

how can you call someone a km fanboy when you just hoped on the AF bandwagon and are AF syrian fanboy now.

the AF hookahs are pretty damn expensive too. 100 bucks for the small and 115 for the large? you don't think that's a tad bit expensive? you also have an old one, how can you for sure say the new ones are just as good (i'm not arguing they aren't, however the same could have been asked about KM a few months ago).

i like the AF hookahs. I don't like the prices they want for them.
i like the nour hookahs. but i wouldn't pay 100 for a small one.
i like trimetal kms, but i'd hold off on buying one right now.

everything is way overpriced. considering kms were priced much more fair when they hit the market, and were higher quality, i think its inane to sell these newer kms at such high prices (especially as we're in a recession).

i just don't know if its fair to attack km fanboys if they have a product they happen to like.

and personally, im glad im not in the market for a hookah, its looking like a pretty bad time to buy anything right now (hookah wise)
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