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Default Re: First time Hookah Buyer needs help

Well, with your budget i would start off with a beginner hookah, in a little bit you will get people saying to buy KM's and Nours, but in all honesty, one of these are perfect for learning the basics and in the future when you get a KM or a Nour or something like that, you can fully appreciate their value. Plus all the extras are nice to have. I also wouldnt worry about getting natural coals just yet, learn to use Quicklights.

Ive ordered from hookah shisha and their packages are great, If you got some room in your budget, i would recommend upgrading to the 99.99 package, a 30in hookah will allow the smoke to cool more as it travels further down the stem.

I would get one of the 89 or 99$ hookah packages from hookah shisha, its the best way to start off. And start looking around your neighborhood for someone that sells coals or shisha, you will run out quick with only 2 50gs and 2 rolls of quicklights.

edit: dont get the sheecool...
All of the discounted parts ive gotten from sahara smoke have been of really bad quality. like a leaky stem, leaky hoses, and a cracked base that needed lots of work to make it functional, its not worth it.
also, i would get a vortex, its cheaper and better than a normal phunnel, but with the mod, a phunnel is best, but thats expensive..
make sure to update us with the hookah you order

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