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Default Re: First time Hookah Buyer needs help

i'll have to agree with Coldfr33ntea above. Hoookah-shisha (reffered to HS in the forums) is a great company and the package is great. i;ll have to agree on getting the 30inch package tho, not because of longer stem which i believe is a myth but because of the big base which is what make the difference. The hookah is pretty good, i own one of those and its been great for a long time (i think its aproaching 4 years of use of which 3 years are everyday use).

I'd steer clear (and you should too) from that blue aluminium crap from thehookah.
I could easily suggest one of these 3 from that store. i'd probably even choose them over the HS package. These are:
Good looking hookah from a big brand with washable hose. Total price would fit your budget with the vortex and shipping included.
If your budget was a bit bigger i 'd also suggest the MZ package from ********** and buy the nammor extra but even that would not be that big of an upgrade.

My conclusion:
I'd definately go with one of the three packages from TheHookah if i was you.
It comes to a total of $107 [$90+ $9.50 (vortex) + $7.50 (shipping)]

Cheers mate

EDIT: Am not sure if a discount code is available it it could end up even cheaper
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