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Default Re: Good Quality Hookahs?

I now have 2 KM's and 2 MYA's and the hookah i use for everyday smoke is my chinese rig, it is well built and smokes great, its all bout preference, its what you like the look of and what type of draw you are looking for, if you take good care of you hookahs they will last you a decent amount of time, ive had my chinese one for a year with at least 1-2 bowls per day and it still smokes as well as day one.

Don't buy a KM cause everyone says KM's, they are plenty of other hookahs out they on the market, pick something you like and maybe post a link of it to see if any ones had any experience with it, as im sure most hoookahs out they have been smoked by someone on HP that can tell you how they are
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