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Default Re: Good Quality Hookahs?

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
how can you call someone a km fanboy when you just hoped on the AF bandwagon and are AF syrian fanboy now.

i just don't know if its fair to attack km fanboys if they have a product they happen to like.

and personally, im glad im not in the market for a hookah, its looking like a pretty bad time to buy anything right now (hookah wise)
Well, you know I say it cause its true. I have no problem admitting I love Syrian brass and that I suggest it all the time. My main issue is that every time someone asks for a hookah to get its always, OMG0dX0rz KM!!! Half the people suggesting it have never smoked anything else or just a cheap chinese knockoff before. Yes, I just got my AF, but hey, its a nour hookah with an AF labled jordanian base (a lot of syrian hookahs use jordanian glass) and an AF ashtray. I show you the stem in my vid up close and show you how its the exact same thing basically.

I've been supporting nour as well as syrian brass in general on here for a while. I bought my nour from John for 80 bucks, at the time, it wasnt expensive. The fact of the matter is that too many people support KM because of the branding. I support nour and Syrian Brass in general. The reason is the quality, a brass hookah is so much nicer than a steel or aluminum one. If this helps KM:Syrian Brass :: Hyundai:Audi. Im seriously talking about build quality. Then comes smoke quality, yes, they give you a big hole on your purge vavle to purge quicker than a nour, but maybe a second faster. Then again, theres my glpyh which purges like instantly. They make the downstem flange out on the km giving you the appearance of a wider stem, but its not, plus its still limited by your hose port, which is still smaller than that on my new Alfakhnour.

A lot of the syrian hookahs sold on the market are just stems placed on top of shitty glass, its true. but this goes with egyptians as well. It will take effort on your part to find a rig that wont displease you, but thats part of the fun. When you actually get the rig you worked hard on looking for, when you talk to vendors or distributors like kerabetian directly or some wholesalers, just to get a deal and the right pipe and parts, then you've done your work. My glass bases are heavier than my taller KM base, including my genie base. my stems are all heavier and stronger than my KM stem, excluding my genie stem. I'm sorry, but just cause you got a good hookah with little effort, doesnt mean you got a better hookah.

If you don't want to listen to me on build quality, listen to Hajo, he has one of the most respected opinions on this forum.

As for whats available on the market today, yes, the market has been hit in all sectors. The nours are definately not of the same quality now as the one i bought, and as i hear it the KMs are not of the quality that even i bought mine at (which was honestly sad). But i really support syrian brass in general, you know hookahwholesale has the glyph for like half the price that h-s has it? and the heavy machined stem is more stunning than steel and a solid colored "pear" could ever be.

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
Some people are sickeningly biased ... sigh ....
you're one to talk, guy...

Let me say this again, just to get it out there. KMs are really good hookahs. They are available everywhere, lots of people have them, and they do the job and do it with style......just not as well as Syrian Brass.

My KM now is just my mint hookah, it can be ghosted w/ mint flavor forever for all i care, i was thinking about selling it, but instead, i figured I'd keep it around for a point of reference since KMs are so widespread.

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