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Default Re: First time Hookah Buyer needs help


After a lot of discussion and calls.. i've narrowed down my choices

33" hookah with this base (11" vase)
$80 (not counting the 15% off)

30" hookah with 12" vase (undecorated)
$100 (15% off OR free hookah

The Sahara Smoke ones come with a free vortex bowl and the normal freebies (i get to upgrade my hookahhookah tobaccos to hookah freaks) and although the hose isn't a Nammor its just as thick so pull wise it'll be good.
The H-S comes with normal freebies. (and the free hookah is pretty portable though - but i don't really need it) But I won't be able to get as much tobacco and coals. the only major difference is the diffuser and the phunnel requires too much tobacco for me to be okay with it. My sessions don't need to last that long and if they do I would need more coals.

So I'm leaning towards the Sahara Smoke build. I might order some tobacco and a diffuser from H-S with my extra cash (maybe some fumari haha)

does this sound good?!

p.s how many akhla charcoals would I need for 100g of Hookah Freak?
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