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Default Re: Good Quality Hookahs?

comparing audi to hyundai is a joke. audi has a horrible track record, while hyundai is one of the top quality cars (believe it or not...go look, 2nd most reliable car maker after lexus).

anyhow, you have a cheaper build km, its not even a trimetal. the trimetals are higher quality. its hard to compare the cheapest build quality km to a nour. with a car analogy lets say its comparing a civic (not a bad car) to an audi rs6. obviously the rs6 is gonna be addition, you know nour has non-brass hookahs as well. they have crappy ones too

ive had a 23" nour, i have the same nour you do, i have 2 old syrian glyphs (that look exactly like my nour and have a massive hose hole in the bottom), i have 7 kms.

my favorite hookah easily is the near 3 year old syrian glyph however i still think a bunch of my kms pull better.

all the jars are crap imo. syrian/jordanian ones , km bases. i really dont think any if them are better than the others. all about bohemian jars imo.

get whatever aesthetically pleases you.
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