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Explain to them that you know hookah is still smoking and is by no means good for your health, but isn't nearly as bad as cigarettes and other things. There's not nearly as much tar production as there is in cigarettes because you're not burning all the tobacco with a direct flame, there isn't as much nicotine, and there's no poisonous additives, just washed tobacco, molasses, and glycerin. Be like hey, it's something i really enjoy doing, and there's a lot of worse stuff you could be doing but aren't. And it's just a way for you to relax, and won't make their house smell nasty as well. I can definitely understand hard-headed parents, but if you go at it with an educated and compromising approach you could maybe wind up convincing them to be alright with it. Maybe even get them curious enough to try it themselves, that's what my parents were like when i first told them about it, now me and my parents smoke shisha all the time :P
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