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Default Re: tips for KHALIL MAMOON HAFA

look, if you smoke it as it comes you'll love it. The regular bowl will do just fine. I have a funnel and a vortex and a scalli mod, i still smoke out of my egpytians more often. If you smoke wetter tobaccos get one of those bowls.... just so your stem stays cleaner.

Anyhow, check the how-to section, sambooka has a nice setup vid, i copied him and made a two part how to setup. He used a KM, i used a KM, we both used clay bowls, and i think both used a form of natural coals.

Make sure not to smoke the second the coals hit the foil, make sure there is space between the tobacco and the foil (assume the coal will weigh the foil a little lower into the bowl) and remember you are baking and not burning tobacco.

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