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Default Re: Good Quality Hookahs?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
i want to say again, my nour was 80 from john. my nour that is taller than that 24.

bradedup's nour sucks at purging. i saw the vid. mine isnt that bad, look at my vid. it takes a sec longer but the point is it still purges completely.

my Alfakhnour purges better than my KM, my glyph purges better than my km ( does have 2 valves though lol) and both of em smoke better.

i can respect bradedup's opinion and really anyone else who's tried both, as i stated earlier is most people here havnt tried much else.

My opinion is shared by a few others on this forum that have smoked both as well, syrian brass > km.

by the way, i feel some of you dont really get that i hav a very joking attitude on this site, so when i say shit like break your km and say km fanboys, you need to friggin take a chill pill. i dont see tangiers smokers get all up in arms over dunk's opinion of tangiers fanboys...
I really dont give a shit about my nours purge and I prefer my nour ashtray over the km... the nour ashtray has more detail on it and screws on so the ash tray doesn't move all over the place like my km ice

Nours are more solid piece but does not have as good of a pull as a km

both great pieces

to each its own

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