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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Ever heard of 3rd hand smoke? It crept up my asshole and raped me while I was in the shower.

Ohh and gave me cancer.
true story. ive seen it happen to a buddy of mine as well.

I used to hide if from my parents. My dad i wasn't too worried about since he smokes cigs and worse. he was suprised that i told him and called me a hypocrite(i refuse to buy him cigarettes. if he wants some he has to get them himself) but one day at work (we own our own company) i set up my pipe and he tried it. now hes probably smoked with me and my friends more than i can count on both hands.

my mom was a different story. i actually live with her and even though im about a foot and a half taller and probably close to 50-60 pounds on her, shes a sheriff and im scared to death of her. haha. well because she deals with losers at her job and sees all sorts of drug related activities, she usually assumes the worst out of everything i do and my friends. she found my sb tins one day and asked me about it.

i just told her that its hookah and i dont smoke often(at the time i didnt) she asked why i do it. i said its mostly a social thing and its relaxing. I think ever since that day she decided to try and be more open minded to things i do. i asked her if she would try it one time and she said yeah. so when she doesnt work on night guess what ill be getting her to do.

my advice: much like other people on here. tell your parents about hookah. how its safer, the sophistication of it, and the social aspect of it.
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