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Default Hookah at the Nightclub and Bar Convention

First, yes there is a Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas. It was last weekend. While I didn't attend since I'm was too busy making stages, didn't know it existed til a couple days ago, and I'm not old enough to drink, I saw a recent video from a company called late night digital. (they cover lots of night life and porn conventions/events) While watching the video i saw a big sign that said HOOKAH and had a good number of hookahs displayed in front of it.

Looks like hookah may have a chance to be this years new night club trend.

I would post a link to the video but it could include mature content that of which some people may not want to see.

Just thought it was interesting.

P.S. If your wondering what kind of a creep i am for looking at a bunch of porn convention websites. I build custom stages including our main product, portable stripper poles. so i get away with it.
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