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Originally Posted by Cnphoto View Post
yeah i agree with dunkle, don't believe everything you see or hear or read. 1 hookah session is probable equal to 3 or 4 cigs and shisha doesn't have NEARLY as many chemicals or nicotine as cigs
the most reliable study that was posted up here found that one hour of hookah session (i think shared) was about 1 cig per person of how "bad" it was, so it is safe to say 1-3 or 4 cigs for one person going at a session. i think its much closer to 1 still and it seems to be less bad because i dont have any issues so what ever

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
You could go with

"I have Middle Eastern girlfriend, and her parents said they would shun me if I didn't smoke a hookah!"
o god, there is one middle eastern girl (i honestly dont know her heritage) i know that lived in my dorm last year and OMG she is sooooo pretty, that would be an awesome excuse

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