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Default Re: Boston Smoke Ban

Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
This makes me extremely uncomfortable, just because of the direction all these tobacco laws are stepping in all over the world. The government has done a good enough job putting warning labels and even in today's pop culture with those silly 'truth' commercials, i'm sure anyone who uses tobacco knows of the health risks involved. And like others have said, there's establishments specifically intended for smokers such as cigar bars and hookah bars, and if you're not a smoker you're NOT forced to enter these establishments! I'm scared to see what all this will turn into in a century or two.
thats why i was happy with the way the VA smoke ban was, didnt really change much and is pretty fair for the local hookah lounge that is near my home it is fine since their food is all of candy bars and it is not a restaurant by any means, even if it was it is less than 50 seats.

i think VAs is very logical and i am ok with that, but if they start making it where you have to be 20-50 feet from any entrance, and you cannot smoke in any structure etc etc like some other places there will be issues... then again we have tobacco companies here so they have some pull

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