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Default Re: Spring Break Hookah

Originally Posted by FeliFeliWooo View Post
im doing that this weekend too
well not a mountain
just a huge huge hill
bringing a blanket, beers and some munchies
should be bomb
It definitely was bomb man.

As for the bar- how can I say this politely?

The atmosphere was cool. It was a 2 story house turned lounge. The rigs were all generic egyptian and they used layalina/starbuzz. It all went downhill once we bought a couple bowls though. These guys had no knowledge. I kind of schooled them on accident so they took me in the back and showed me their setup. They used 1 quicklight per bowl per customer with windcovers. They overpacked the bowls, so we almost immediately had 2 bowls of burnt shisha and no smoke when it wasn't burning. We happened to have our razan and nammor in the car so they let us use our own hoses. They were fascinated with the hoses we brought in and had never seen anything like them. One of the rigs they gave us had a leak and they blamed it on our hose so we had them switch it out to try it. The flavor sucked anyway so they brought us a new rig/bowl. We offered to pay the regular price and use our own coals, since they had a walgreens stove coil to light with but they stopped using naturals because of burn accidents and apparently QLs cause less damage and break apart less (Seriously??). We stuck around long enough for me to suggest a good mix to some guys from the air force academy in town. Got them hooked up with some 3/4 mint 1/4th chocolate. I took a few pulls off of theirs on the way out and it was tons better than the SB and layalina we smoked, so at least they could enjoy their session until it started burning soon after. Cost us $40 bucks for 4 people (1 wasn't smoking). 1 hookah per 2 people. 1 bowl each. 1 pepsi. 4 unsatisfied customers.

On a positive note, I got to try out those SB mini-tongs Dunkel sent out to me in a giveaway, and it definitely made our session better being able to manage our own heat. I'm never going to a hookah bar without my own tongs again. Thanks dunk!

Anyway, screw that bar. In case you were wondering the name we did end up going to the hooked on hookah off of E cheyenne rd. colorado springs.
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