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Default Re: A Little Reality on SCHIP

honestly i like what the tax funds but i think like ZEN said in another thread we dont like the way it does it. there are other things that can fund this or at least share the burden.

i dont understand though how it was determined how much to raise the tax, chewing tobacco is going up about 5-8 bucks per pound, while roll your own tobacco is going up 23 bucks per pound. the only logic i see there is that roll you own tobacco is sometimes seen as a more luxury thing (at least some of it) and there is much less weight to it for the amount you use, compared to how chewing tobacco is usually more of a rural thing and it is stereotypical for rural people to have less money but idk,

it would have been easier to just put like a 1% increase on price, people wouldnt even really notice it and wouldnt complain much
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