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Default Re: new tobacco taxes?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
SCHIP is what it's called, and I really actually don't mind as much. Well maybe because i have ways...

Anyway, the money you spend on more taxes on tobacco products will go to fund a health care system built for children who's parents can't afford one. There are MANY different ways to go about getting children free healthcare; the tobacco monsters just decided that they could kill 2 birds with one stone, you know, kill tobacco and save children (ironic isn't it?). It has been proven that SCHIP calls for a certain amount of money, which would mean that 21 million more people would need to take up smoking, even though it will be more expensive than it was in March 2009. It doesn't make much sense, and most smart people have been stocking up recently.

I like the cause, but I don't like how they are going about funding it.

But it's America, remember? What can ya do...
Basically the issue is why tobacco consumers should be responsible for paying the health care bills of everyone's children when we already contribute far more to government coffers then any other group per capita despite being on average poorer then most? Something tells me no one wants to ask that question let alone answer it because the truth is that such a policy is grossly unfair.

Leaving aside ethics we are left with the matter of practicality and truth is that taxing tobacco consumers out of existence will provide health care for no one. What the new tax increases will do is put a lot of people out of business and cause a drastic decline in government revenue which will limit funding for a lot more then just some health care scheme.
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