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Default Re: Oldest active hookah

It is not uncommon here for lounges and cafe's to keep hookahs for decades. Usually bases don't last that much (being fragile, and accidents sorta happen).... Same applies to bowls which are also fragile and the unglazed clay ones (most popular here) sometimes spontaneously break due to being exposed to heat for long times.

As for stems, a veteran hookah guy at a lounge (his job is to prepare hookahs ..... yes that is a job here with smoking hookah being a big/cultural thing) once told me that stems are the older the better provided that they do not switch flavors ...... What happens here in most lounges is the mark hookahs and hoses so each hookah/hose pair are used for a specific flavor ..... He told me that usually they do not wash stems very often, which results in the flavor coming stronger from that stem with consecutive smoking sessions from these stems ..... So it is actually the older the better .....
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