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Talking Project

OK So, I'm thinking about seriously putting together a wicked intro for

But everyone has to be involved!

Now what I would like everyone to do, is, If you are involved with the video contest, or even if your not!

Submit a clip of you smoking, your biggest clouds, your favorite trick, just something of you and your hookah your really proud of.

MY e-mail is (DONT SPAM ME LOL!)

If you want to be appart of the intro even if your not in the contest, send me one anyways!

It'll be a good way to get people involved!

Now if you don't want to send me a clip but you do want to be in the intro and you already have a vid up on, just tell me which one, and were in the vid you want the clip, thats all.
If you don't want to participate, thats cool. Just thought it would be fun to get the community active!

Pixelz OUT!
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