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Default Re: stop wasting money on lemon juice

Originally Posted by ByronSA View Post
but doesn't the vinegar make the hookah smell? that's why i'm hesitant to use vinegar to clean my hookah/hoses. and do you mix vinegar with the baking soda or do you just use it straight?
just rinse it well, i got no residual smell, i wash it uber well with lemon too so i dont get any smell either

Originally Posted by Efactor View Post
Lime juice concentrate works very well. I been using it for couple years now and it always leaves a nice scent too!
i used it but vinegar is cheaper and works better

Originally Posted by phatpride1 View Post
I wash my hookah with Dawn direct foam, and it last me 5 to 6 months maybe longer. And it cleans it good. half pump for the stem and half for the base its all you need.
i usually scrub it first with dish soap and a brush but on the myas or similar brass stems that are not a straight shot down they pick up a bad smell no matter how well you scrub them but the vinegar and to a lesser degree the lemon kick it out

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