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Dude I smokes from the tallest one of these before I soald the sahara store and that hookah in Blue. I have sold a few of there in this shop also. It`s a good hookah. I personally would snoke a smaller one I have the extra work of a bigger hookah but for a big hookah. This hookah is very good.

If you decide you want one of these with out the crappy case. I sold thyen they sucked so bad I just gave them away and did not carry them again. or the Drama. We hate drama as much as the next person shoot me a line I will get you a great deal on one of these. We retail these in the shop for $90.00 with 5 tobaccos, a roll of 3 Kings and tongs. I am sure we can do you a much better deal since you are on line.the biggest thing we will need to know is what state we will be shipping to.

Remember 132 hookahs in stock as of today so if you dont see it ask. We are still building the site.

Thanks, Neal, Holly
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