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Default Re: This hookah almost made me cry...worse than the skull hookah

Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
That looks AWESOME!

Seems a lot of people are giving it shit because it has plastic and stuff outside of the stem. omfgohnoesplastic. Being as a hookah is a ridiculously simply designed pipe to get smoke from A to B, it probably smokes just fine. Probably hard to wash, depending on if the outside design/case is removable or not. And that bowl i'd wanna replace. But i like all kinds of hookahs, traditional to modern to stylish. Not naive, just open-minded (:
I think the main reason people don't like it other than its plastic and an eyesore, at least in my opinion, is that it shows that smoking hookah is just being "trendy". People aren't appreciating it for what it is; an art, a form of relaxation, etc.
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