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I have the wrong attitude and I am sure I will be bashed for this but here goes nothing. We sell the hell out of the " china junk" hookahs. We hand select the ones we want to carry we also tell people the pros and cons to them. The egyptian hookahs are nice. All welded fitings etc... Where as a Myz has removable parts as well as china made stuff. Theres alot of good hookahs made in China. Not great hookahs but for the money not bad my man. As for syrian I hear alot of complaints about them not fitting well after a while. That was direct from a distributor that sells them. He offered to sell me all of his Syrian hookahs at a slight discount. lol

If you like the idea of a nice hookah and have the spare money by all means get it. If you cant afford it right now but are dying to have a hookah Go china made. Hell drop me a line of the ones you are looking at and I will tell you how they hit. Like the pumpkin, Grape, Pineapple hookahs 1 and 2 hose are great for a first timer but over all are basic junk. We sell them but most people here opt for a nicer Classic Junior after I show them the difference.

We have been quoted as saying we like newbies. Now you see why. Its fun to explain all the little things that shop's do not take the time to teach people. It's not always about the sale as much as its about growing the industry.

Anyways I better get in the chat room say Hi and see who is on line right now. So make your decesions wisely and if you have questions feel free to let me know I will be glad to give you my advice. Its free so if you throw it away its no loss to you.

Have a great day, Neal
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