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Default Re: The Future of Starbuzz

Since I could find no Hypnosis review thread in the reviews section I'll post it here, please mods if you would be so kind could you open a Hypnosis Review thread?

Brand and Flavor: Hypnosis Strawberry Passion

Shisha Cut: Fairly course, large sections of un-shredded leafs. Minimal noticed stems however.

Hookah Type: Mya Saray Tempest (26" Pyramid base)
Nammor Hose

Duration: Easily an hour and change. It was only me smoking so I didn't bother cashing the bowl. Flavor was strong and consistent throughout.

Bowl: Small Phunnel Bowl

Foil / Screen: Single ply reynolds

Coal / Amount: 3 equally positioned CH QLs

Smoke: Nice thick clouds

Buzz: Minimal

Smell / Flavor: I'll preface this section by saying that strawberry in general seems to be an incredibly difficult flavor to nail down well, with that in mind. Shisha smells like fake candy strawberry. The smoke tastes fairly comparable to the standard candy flavor strawberry with a little hint of vanilla. It however does not have that horrible overwhelming synthetic taste. It tastes light, yet the flavoring is very palpable. I gotta say it's probably the best strawberry I've ever tried although the competition is nothing to speak highly of. All in all, if you like just about any strawberry out there, this should be right up your alley.

Rating (1 to 10): 6. As far as strawberry goes, it tastes as about as good it can get. But compared to the rest of what's out there I won't be goin for a 250g box.
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