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Default Re: The Future of Starbuzz

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
and that
I'd say that the best overall brand on the American market is Desi Merli with Salloum and Havana tied for a distant second. Hookah Hookah makes a couple of good flavours (ex. 7 Spice, Cavendish, Honey & vanilla) as does Afzal (Paan, Golden Amber, Silver Fox, Vanilla) and Al Waha (vanilla, honey & Winter Berry) but pretty much every other brand only has 1 or 2 flavours I think are worth having.

In terms of what could be imported I'd say some of the bigger Indian brands, the Syrian brands carried by the GTO and pretty much everything carried by the Societe Chark Du Tabak. However, that would require someone willing to import something other then a well established brand and that won't happen no matter how good the product so I suppose nothing.
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