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Default Dang...

You know, I have been trying to figure it out. What exactly affects the buying trends of different brand name hookahs?

Literally 3 weeks ago it was KM, then it started to drop off into Al Fakher Syrians, then this week it's Magdy Zidan Hookahs. What is the sudden craze with MZ hookahs? Where is the single thread that makes MZ's look absolutely stunning and where's the video that makes them look absolutely spectacular??

Does it have to do with the economy and people having less money? MZ's are known to be cheaper, but a double pear now costs the same as a Khalil Mamoon double Pear, and KM's are build with thicker metal, heavier metal, sturdier metal, and have a lot of brass parts. MZ's are literally no better than ANY other Generic Egyptian hookah on Caravan Imports, or any other vendor for that matter; yet even after a lot of us tell Newer members to go a different direction, they go MZ and then another thread pops up!

KM's have been dropping in quality and becoming more expnsive as pictures and prices have shown, but I would buy a Mya hookah over an MZ at this point in time ANYDAY! Better quality, better construction, better components.

I can say I really do know my hookahs, and a lot of other members here do as well. Watching this trends fluctuate as they do is amazing, what do you think it will be next week? Mya?

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