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It is quiet interesting isn't it. That why I've kind of got a goal, I'm trying to get one of each brand if I can manage it. Its why I ordered a KM and a NOUR, and we already have a MYA, and a beautiful generic egyptian.

WHY? It's so I myself can see past all the hype and tell what kind of hookah is best for ME!

Sure economy isn't up yet, and tobbacco prices are going to go even higher. I think the strange thread phanomena, and interest in a different hookah each week, is just started by one person saying they love their new hookah, and thus the demand suddenly peaks, and vedors respond with those products.

Also can't wait for the TriState Meet up next weekend, There will be so many different types, shapes, brands of hookahs, that I'm sure we'll all see which hookah is the true king!
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