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Originally Posted by h0lic View Post
for the members with a little bit of seasoning on them, i think they tend to just buy what they don't have. then the new people that pop up watch these threads and buy whatever they buy.

I have a perfectly good KM pharonie, but with photolinger and others reviews i figured why not get a Nour. That worked out pretty well I guess.

Honestly It's not the worst thing for the recurring trends, most of the hookahs recomended here are gonna get the job done plenty well. Plus that means business isn't limited to one brand, which is bad, cause competition is good, for the consumer anyways. Also, people continuously buying new hookahs to follow trends is good for our awesome vendors.

Originally Posted by Pixelz View Post
Also can't wait for the TriState Meet up next weekend, There will be so many different types, shapes, brands of hookahs, that I'm sure we'll all see which hookah is the true king!
Yeah, but they'll all probably be smoking as well as possible, since we'll all be trying our best to show off.

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