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Default Re: hookah at school!!!

Originally Posted by Pixelz View Post
Man we can't do that, We tried smoking in the smoking areas by our dorm over here, They called secuirty to make us go away, you know, because we have a certain stereotype, it's really unfortunately. Its like we have to sneak around to smoke our yummy tobbacco, I don't find it very fair when people are over in the corner smoking away on a cigarette, and we can't even sit back and relaxe to smoke our hookahs.
All because of some stupid stereotype.

I'm glad you all can smoke at your leisure, maybe I'll move to were you guys are hahahaha.
ya thats when i start problems. ive had issues with RA telling me to do that somewhere else. i just tell them to do something. were are well enough from the door. call the cops if you need. they do of course. but cops are cool when you show then the sticky mess you put into it lol
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