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Default Re: World's tallest hookah project

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
lol i honestly dont know how it would be free-standing? Would it count if you had supports on it. lol i hope it goes good lmao but just be careful.
Was gonna say that ...... gotta support it with ropes or anything, or tie it to the building ..... the torque is high as it is with 40"+ hookahs and sometimes they tip over the base .....

My idea, use a 19 liter bottle (the one used for water coolers) as a base and fill it with water ..... Also make sure u do not start a fire if it tips over and the coals fall on some dry leaves or something ..... Also make sure u have 911 on speed dial in case u fall dizzy because of trying to hit the hookah which will require very deep pulls !
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