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Default Re: Alcohol in the base?

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
well, if we said it did, then the placebo effect would come into play and you would feel more of a buzz, its human nature. But most of it is the buzz from the nicotine that stimulates your neurotransmitters, thus causing the release of dopamine, and since you expect a buzz from the alcohol in the base, and chances are, your having fun doing it, then more dopamine is released making it seem like your getting more of a buzz.

I was at a party and we had a 50 gallon barrel filled with juice, we had no alcohol so a few friends left to get some, as people showed up to the party, they drank the juice thinking it had alcohol. We got back and everyone was "drunk" when really it was just the sugar buzz that was heightened by the dopamine released of actually partying. We then added alcohol to it and people were all confused and then we told them that there was none, everyone sobered up just like that, even though they were already sober.

at least thats my interpretation of it..

'edit: fuck i just burned my hand on the
hmm makes sense. I was looking more into like the flavored vodkas for certain flavors. But it wouldn't be worth it if it doesn't really do anything cause I would imagine the Vodka itself would be a little strong.
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