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Default Re: Alcohol in the base?

Originally Posted by iSmokeHookah View Post
hmm makes sense. I was looking more into like the flavored vodkas for certain flavors. But it wouldn't be worth it if it doesn't really do anything cause I would imagine the Vodka itself would be a little strong.
remember that you are inhaling smoke passing through a bunch of water that you have added one -2 shots of 40% alcohol to. so theres not much alcohol in there at all

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
But some alcohols, especially vodka will just give it a weird flavor, unless its loaded with extracts and such to make it give off some type of aroma. Personally, i hate the smell of vodka, but if it appeals to you it might be worth trying.
vodka shouldnt give it any flavor if it is good vodka, remember it is a tasteless odorless spirit
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